How to install Django in Pycharm IDE

How to install Django in Pycharm IDE:

  • Open PyCharm and Click on Create New Project.
  • Go to file settings| project: demo(name of your project)|project Interpreter 
  • Then click the "+" sign at the bottom left corner. Type Django in the search bar and install the Django.

     Another method:

  • Open  Pycharm Terminal. 
  • Run command Pip install Django, press Enter.

Creating a project in Django:

  • Open  Pycharm Terminal. 
  • Run command Django-admin startproject demoproject(where (demoproject is the project name)
  • Then type cd demoproject(your project name)
  • Then type python runserver
  • After pressing the entered URL is shown on the terminal, copy that URL to the web browser you are using, and Django is successfully installed.

Create an app in Django:

  • Open Pycharm terminal type python startapp myapp(name of your app).